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Looking for our Top 10 Google Analytics Plugin’s? 

Google Analytics

Most people, particularly those that have had any exposure to web design, have heard of Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a robust set of tools created by Google designed to provide you with a multitude of valuable information about your site visitors. Offering more than just a simple counter, Google Analytics analyses your visitor’s behaviour. It shows you where they go in your site and how long they spend there so you can easily analyse what is working and what isn’t.

Google Analytics also offers extremely valuable information on where your visitors have come from. Have they found you through a search engine? Have they clicked on a link on Facebook? Have they come from a referral link elsewhere. google analytics plugin

What’s even more impressive is that Google Analytics can offer you information on your visitors themselves! Where do they live? What browser did they access your site from? What device did they access your site from? What Operating System are they using? What age are they? What gender. All of this incredibly valuable information is available at your fingertips…..and the best part? It’s completely free.



What is a plugin? google analytics plugin

A plugin is a little add on to your website that can perform a wide range of functions.  The most common plugins around are those for WordPress which is what we will focus on here. It’s not just important to have Google Analytics, but it’s important that it’s installed on your website properly – and this is where a plugin comes from. On this site, we will show you the different Google Analytics Plugin choices at your disposal so you can choose for yourself.



What is WordPress?

wordpress-logo-hoz-rgbWordPress is a website design platform. Originally designed as a blogging platform, it is now used on countless websites around the world and is easily the most popular platform on earth. Even people with little to none website design experience can easily put a website together in minutes through the use of WordPress.



What’s this site all about?

There are a lot of different plugins available for WordPress. There are also a lot of different Google Analytics Plugin choices. We’re going to show you them to help you make the best choice for your website.

The best place to start is our Top Ten Page. This is a quick table which shows you the current top 10 Google Analytics Plugin’s out at the moment with some quick stats. We will be reviewing them over the coming weeks so once something on this list has been reviewed you will be able to click on the name and go directly to the review. All other reviews will also be listed in the Review Section.